Monday, 29 August 2011

Zeroes EP

Who: Suuns
What: Zeroes
When: 2011

Since this is just an EP, thought I’d just do a track-by-track

Disappearance Of The Skyscraper: We’re off to a bad start. This takes ages to do anything, except a bunch of video gamey honks (and not even the good kind). Sounds like something someone I know could’ve written, but even his worst composition would be better.

PVC (EP Version): Bit repetitive. Seriously, they’ve just taken the note of the video game honk from track one and put it on a guitar instead. His voice is nice though; I’ll give him that.

Mudslinger: Is a bit different, has picked up the pace a bit, that’s always interesting. – Unfortunately, it just sort of sounds like something the Dandy Warhols might’ve written on a day off, so not awesome.

Arena (EP Version): took 2.30 to utter the first word. The word did little to hold my attention. Don’t bother.

Nnnnnnn: actually, this one’s quite good.

Optimist: Largely dull, some good ideas, but they rarely go anywhere and they’re not good enough to just stay where they are.

So pretty much. FA happens on this EP, thank god that wasn’t a full length, I may have shot myself.

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