Monday, 1 August 2011

Dance Mother

Apologies for late upload, couldn't get any internet to work yesterday :( but here's yesterday's review:

Who: Telepathe
What: Dance Mother
When: February 2009

After yesterday, I was really hoping for something to love today, unfortunately, no such luck. I tried to like it, I really tried, that first track was really quite promising, but I can’t. Honestly, I just had to hardest time engaging with this – swirling soundscapes are all well and good, but they have to DO something, not just sit there in your ear space, you have to feel it, and I just can’t feel this.

The only two tracks I liked were Michael, which is probably the most upbeat and really rather enjoyable, save for the fact that it goes on for about 1.30 too long – there really is something there, I do like it, and if it did just shave off that extra time it’d be proper awesome, and Trilogy - Breath of Life, Crimes and Killings, Threads and Knives, which is an annoying, clunky title I know, but the song is anything but. It goes on a proper journey, with relentless, pounding drums, to make you dance like a maniac.

Can’t Stand it is kind of cute – the vocal is wispy and pretty, I love a big, romantic song, and this is kinda lovely, In Your Line is kind of a beachy thing, bit slow to be a real floorfiller, but conjures up some strong visuals, which is nice. But they’re really not enough, most of these tracks are catchy to a point, and then increasingly grating, at one point, the singer intones the same line for 2 whole minutes of a 4-minute song. It doesn’t help either that the line is: “I can feel the real bang bang, I can do the real thang thang” I mean, c'mon, really?

Included in the download were some remixes, which, well, are standard issue remixes, don’t do much apart from adding some more bangs, which is dull.. the only one that I can even remotely get enthusiastic about is the Big Pink Reality mix of Devil’s Trident, which strips away a lot of the layers and adds some horns, which is weird, but welcome, but because of this the lyrics are really out in the front, and they’re just not strong enough to hold it up.

Yeah. Mostly that was just painful.

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