Tuesday, 30 August 2011


Well.. Here I am at the end of 30 (stressful, yet ultimately quite fun) days. Unfortunately, as you’ll notice if you count them, I didn’t make it to the full 30 albums in the 30 days. I knew this was ambitious from the start, so am only mildly disappointed with my failure. Hopefully you agree that 20/30 is still not a bad effort.

I’m taking a break for a bit now, until I work out what my next list will be – I’ll probably do a similar thing, but am aiming for perhaps movies, and even to do a couple in Spanish, just to keep challenging myself.

As always, if you have any ideas/questions/comments/abuse, please feel free to tweet me (I’m @webbmistress), or email me: mirandasalbumaday@gmail.com yada, yada, yada goodbye!

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